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ATLANTA – Although it’s technically a reproduction of a French chateau, it’s not surprising that passersby often refer to the home built by locally-based BWC Properties on Claire Rose Lane as a castle.

With a change-in-grade of 120’ from the front to the rear of the property, it’s a given that people look up to the $5-million-plus structure. However, keeping the home in place and maximizing lot use became a challenge for developer Bobby Webb.

Claire Rose Lane House finished-1Click photo to enlargeHis solution: a retaining wall that enhances the look of the home, while providing design flexibility for a lower price than the stone-veneer, poured-in-place concrete wall he’d originally considered.

High-Profile, High Wall

Webb and partner Joseph Babb knew there were challenges ahead when they bought the last six lots in the 57-lot Tiller Walk subdivision.

“They were the last ones left,” says Webb. “We got a good deal provided we bought all six, but every single one of them posed challenges. I knew there were going to have to be some massive retaining walls.”

The other lots are inside the property and less visible, so Webb went with concrete walls covered with either paint or stucco. However, the chateau lot faces directly on Claire Rose Lane.

“It’s a lot more visible,” he says. “I knew this would have to be a 22’ or 23’ wall that’s at the front of the home and visible to the street. I needed something that was matching the style of the home as well.”

His first thought was to do a poured-in-place concrete wall, finished with a stone veneer. However, while attending a home builders’ show in Orlando, Fla., he visited the booth of Charlevoix, Mich.-based Redi-Rock International.

“At that time, I was just getting ready to start the project here,” says Webb. “After I saw the product and saw that each of the blocks weighs more than a ton, I started doing a little more research and it fit into my schematic very well.”

Attending a subsequent builders’ show in Atlanta, Webb made the acquaintance of Redi-Rock’s local supplier, Piedmont Precast.

Patrick Flanagan, Piedmont’s sales manager, says he remembers meeting Webb, and directing him to some other walls the company has supplied stone for in the area as reference.