200 Ammons HanoverFIREPIT ROUNDS
Hanover Architectural Products, Hanover, Pa., introduces a new Ammon’s Wall® Round Firepit kit using new Ammon’s Wall Radius blocks. The Ammon’s Wall Radius is a wedge-shaped unit originally designed to allow walls to bend and curve with the landscape. With an approximate outside diameter of 50” and a 12” height, the firepit kit includes Ammon’s Wall units, firebrick, steel insert and stainless steel grate. The kit is available in four color blends: Chocolate/Tan Blend, Gettysburg Gray, South Mountain Sand and Salmon/Charcoal Blend.
Contact: Hanover Architectural Products, 717-637-0500;

Rolling Rock Building Stone Inc., Boyertown, Pa., announces that it has strengthened the format for its popular Wissahickon Schist™ ashlar blend. Previously, the rise of the stone rarely met a 7” height. However, the stone is now available in a larger overall size, and the rise threshold has been increased to approximately 11”.
Contact: Rolling Rock Building Stone Inc., 610-987-6226;



LARGE 200 Hanover GuardianPAVERS
Hanover Architectural Products, Hanover, Pa., introduces an addition to its Guardian® Paver System. The new nominal 30” X 30” paver size designed specifically for use on pedestals on sites with special conditions such as high wind. The Guardian Paver System is made up of a unique three-piece pedestal and shaped paver that will lock down and utilize the entire roof paver surface. The system with compatible with all other Hanover® pedestal types.
Contact: Hanover Architectural Products, 717-637-0500;

200 cletilesCEMENT TILES
Cle, Sausalito, Calif., introduces cement tile, the company’s modern interpretation of a century-old product. Produced by layering concrete and cement into a steel frame, then poured into brass molds, pressed and cured, each tile is made individually. Cle offers more than 150 patterns and shapes including squares, subway hex, diamond, scallop and arabesque. More than 50 colors are available in a calibrated 3/8” thickness, and each tile is hand-polished and pre-sealed before shipment. The tiles are suitable for use on both interior and exterior projects.
Contact: Cle, 415-887-9011;


Atlantic Water Gardens, Mantua, Ohio, introduces flexible hardscape basins for formal water features using an open reservoir. Available in tan or gray in three widths (4’, 6’ and 8’), these basins are ideal for custom block reservoirs in northern climates where frost-proofing can be a concern. They feature UV-resistant rip-stop construction, pre-punched bulkhead fittings and perfect fit design.
Contact: Atlantic Water Gardens, 330-274-8317;


Chemical Concepts, Huntingdon Valley, Pa., introduces Chem-Set™ C20, a non-yellowing adhesive for natural stone, engineered stone and solid surface products. A two-part methacrylate combined at a ratio of 10:1, C20 has a working time of 10-15 minutes  and achieves 90 percent cure at 25-30 minutes are room temperature. C20 also offers some of the whitest whites in the industry, and the ability to match virtually any color.
Contact: Chemical Concepts, 800-220-1966;

200 Hanover adhesivesHARDSCAPE ADHESIVES
Hanover Architectural Products, Hanover, Pa., introduces two new Loctite® Adhesives for hardscapers. Loctite® PL® 500 is an exterior, heavy duty, premium quality adhesive designed to meet any landscaping need. Excellent for projects such as securing block walls and capstones, or bonding brick, stone, timber, concrete, metal and wood under a variety of moisture and temperature conditions. Loctite® PL® Premium Construction Adhesive is a one component polyurethane-based moisture curing adhesive that’s VOC –compliant and provides superior adhesion to most common construction materials. PL Premium can be used for interior or exterior projects and has an initial 24-hour cure. It is also waterproof and paintable.
Contact: Hanover Architectural Products, 717-637-0500;

Pecora Corporation, Harleysville, Pa., introduces Pecora 322 FC, a two-part sealant formulated as a fast cure, self-leveling 100% silicone for concrete pavement joints. It cures to a resilient silicone rubber seal in a very short time, and is especially suitable for joints that will experience movement shortly after sealant application. It is virtually unaffected by UV, precipitation, ozone and temperature extremes.
Contact: Pecora Corporation, 800-355-8817;


200 kalamazooBUILT-IN PIZZA OVEN
Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet, Chicago, introduces its new built-in Artisan Fire Pizza Oven. Offering the same performance as its countertop model, the oven is stone-lined. Pizzas cook directly on a hollow-core baking deck. A ceiling stone radiates heat down to quickly brown toppings, while two independently adjustable burners deliver cooking temperatures of more than 800 degrees F. The new oven is available directly through Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet or its authorized dealers.
Contact: Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet, 888-229-6952,

Haddonstone (USA) Ltd., Pueblo, Colo., offers Americans the chance to show their patriotism with a cast stone eagle garden ornament and filial, available in both left- and right-hand versions. Ideal for positioning on a gateway or entrance to a garden, each weighs 383 lbs., is 36 5/8” in height, and comes in Portland, Bath or Terracotta color.
Contact: Haddonstone (USA) Ltd., 719-948-4554;



Asphalt Art, McHenry, Ill., introduces printed safety signage for parking lots and parking garages. Safety graphics can be applied to both wall and floor surfaces, to identify entrances and exits, provide wayfinding and highlight speed limits and height restrictions. The company also offers custom graphics that can be utilized to carry a company’s brand or message into its parking areas.
Contact: Asphalt Art, 815-322-5299;


Arriscraft, Cambridge, Ont., introduces its new WikiSTIK™ USB Card and WikiSTIK™ Apple (iOS) app, now available at the App Store. The new WikiSTIK is a way for customers to access the company’s architectural binder. It auto-syncs and uploads the most current information from the company’s website every time it’s used. The cross-platform WikiSTIK runs identically on Mac OS X and Window’s computers. The WikiSTIK Apple (iOS) provides the same real-time convenience while allowing the information to operate on mobile devices.
Contact: Arriscraft, 800-265-8123;

Allan Block Corporation, Minneapolis, has published a new document entitled “Best Practices for (SRW) Segmental Retaining Wall Design” to help educate and promote better design and construction practices of retaining walls. The guide is written in a specification format with 12 main topics ranging from soils to above-walls considerations. Detailed cross-sections include notes and comments, as well as references to other industry related standards. The guide is designed for any equivalent segmental retaining wall, and not exclusively for Allan Block products.
Contact: Allan Block Corporation, 952-839-5309;

200 general shaleNEW BROCHURE
General Shale, Johnson City, Tenn., introduces a new brochure entitled “Natural Beauty of Commercial Projects,” showcasing trends regarding applications for its brick palette, which includes modern colors such as Oatmeal, Silverstone, Graystone, Chestnut, Cascade White, Baystone, Ran Velour, Smoke Gray and Cascade White. Other brick color options range from traditional reds and earth tones to pastel pinks, misty grays, brows and deep burgundies. Versions are available in both hard copy and PFD formats.
Contact: General Shale, 423-538-0951;

GeoJobbie, Inc., Loveland, Colo., announces the release of GeoJobbie, a cloud-based web application with APPs available for managing daily distributed personnel. Designed to let small companies visually manage multiple jobs and individual schedules against the regions they service and the geographies where they live. GeoJobbie has detailed analytics and can create files for activity reporting, payroll reporting and client billing. It also tracks communications including messaging and pictures by job for archiving and invoicing. The application is available for all major mobile platforms.
Contact: GeoJobbie, Inc., 970-646-5865;

Kukun (pronounced cocoon), Inc., Menlo Park, Calif., introduces the Kukun Professional Network, a place where professionals involved in every part of the home renovation process, can display their work and offer their services to homeowners looking to take on renovation projects. There’s no charge for the service. Professionals can create profiles complete with references, photos of their work and business information.
Contact: Kukun, Inc.;